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Hundreds Turn Out for Job Fair at Camelbeach

Hundreds Turn Out for Job Fair at Camelbeach - Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 10:20PM EST

TANNERSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY- Hundreds of people turned out Saturday to a popular water park in the Poconos, even though it's a few weeks from opening. They weren't there looking for fun, they were looking for jobs.
Lines are long at Camelbeach Water Park. People are looking for jobs. The year-round resort plans to fill more than 600 positions -- and decided the best way to do that was to hold its first-ever job fair.

V. P. Sales & Marketing Jerry Lawlor said, "It was supposed to be from only 10 to 3. I got here at 8 o'clock and people were already lining up so that kind of gave us an indication that there would be, um, a good turnout."

Camelbeach staff says the slumping economy is the driving force behind holding the job fair.
Rather than just take random applications, management wanted to reach out to the community at large. "We knew that there were a lot of folks out there in need for some work, whether it be a primary job or to supplement their income and we wanted to make sure they knew that we were, we were here in the area, that we were growing when other companies are contracting," added Lawlor.

Hundreds of people from near and far are here hoping to find a job. Doug Duncan lives in the Philadelphia suburbs but plans to be in the Poconos for a few months. He knows there's stiff competition for work. "I'm just astounded at the turnout today and you know it seems like in this economy the way things are that a place like Camelback exists and allows people, you know, to try and supplement their, you know, seasonal income," he said.

Some job applicants are quite familiar with this Monroe County resort. Joey Kapsis of Scotrun said, "I've worked here for 2 winters already during snowboarding instructor and I just like the people that work here."

18-year-old Joey Kapsis wants to be a water park attendant or life guard at Camelbeach. He thinks there's good job security in this line of work. "Everybody likes to go swimming and stuff. Everybody comes up here," he said.

Camelbeach will hold another job fair Tuesday evening from 5:00 until 8:00 P. M. Meanwhile, the resort opens to the public Memorial Day weekend.

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