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New Tourism Campaign, UpstatePA

New Tourism Campaign, UpstatePA - Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 4:50PM EST

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY- Tourism leaders across our area are coming together to attract more visitors to Northeastern Pennsylvania. And they've given our region a new name to do it.
UpstatePA - that's the new phrase that's being used to describe 11 counties in our area, from Schuylkill to Sullivan to Susquehanna County. They hope it will get more people to enjoy hiking, biking and fishing in our area.

UpstatePA - Mount Up! That's the new slogan for 11 counties across our area that will be used to promote our outdoor activities. Tracy Barone, President of the UpstatePA Board said, “Our goal is certainly to get more people here to the area. The more people that come to visit and stay overnight in our region, the more money that comes to our economy."

Business leaders and community members filled the mellow theater to hear about the plan. Radisson Hotel GM Michael Kearney said, “We know people are making travel decisions to be more adventurous these days and we want people to make those decisions in our area."

The main way that tourism directors are going to get the UpstatePA message out is by the use of this kayak-bicycle. It’s traveling all over the state to tell people about the new marketing plan.

The marketing plan will cost $600,000 over two years. It will include ads in select magazines in the tri-state region, but will mainly focus on the internet.

UpstatePA Creative Director Michael Neiderer said, “It’s got a brand presence up there in Twitter, Facebook, we've got a lot of followers already."

11 counties will fall under the new UpstatePA designation. But what about "NEPA?” Will that have to go? Barone said, “We're not out to change the name of our region. We're always going to be Northeast Pennsylvania, NEPA, as it is. This is strictly a tourism and marketing tool."

If you want to find out more about the tourism campaign, you can visit

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