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Living Off the Grid - Off Grid Living

Is your Electricity bill reaching $200-even $300 per month? Do.

Buy Living Off the Grid - Off Grid Living
Is your Electricity bill reaching $200-even $300 per month? Do you want to learn what you can do about it?
Are you interested in off grid living, renewable energy, solar panels, how to build your own homemade wind generator, or even how to build your own house?

Homemade Wind Generators
If your family is anything like ours you want to make a wind generator because it is just so expensive to buy one. The 1000 watt wind generator needed to power our Off Grid home brand new costs in excess of $2,500! That's a lot of money to plunk down, a lot of money. So we set out to find another answer. Find out how we got started... Read more Over the past 10 years we have perfected this design and are pleased to share it with you. Read More Solar Panel Installation Guide

Solar Panels now come in many shapes and sizes to reflect growing demand for the products. In fact, there are so many companies out there and so many new products that figuring out which ones to buy has become much more difficult than it should be. Installing them can be an even bigger headache without a guide to help you. Read More Run your generator on biodiesel!

The fastest way to get off grid is to completely eliminate your electricity bill. By buying a generator and powering it with biodiesel or water(yes, it's possible!) you can generate the electricity needed to power your home for $0. That frees up money for you to use to build up your renewable energy system! get that guide here. Renewable Energy Solutions Find Free Solar Panels, Wind Towers and Batteries... Learn from our 15 years of experience living off the grid.

We wrote this book for you folks who want to learn about renewable energy and how to put it to work in your life. This is the ultimate start from scratch and learn what you need to know guide for learning about renewable energy. Read More Build Your Own House

Do you want to build your own house? But don't know if you can do it, or you need more information on how to build it. We wrote this how to guide to take you from beginner to "Do It Yourself Builder" in just a few easy to follow steps. The guide book is fully illustrated to show you what you need to know and exactly how to do it in easy to follow steps. We will show you how to hire an 'expert builder' for free- it is his job to make sure you build your house properly. That's right, it's his job and every community has one.
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