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1. C and L's Stuffed Black Olives (Appetizer)
2. Cabbage Au Gratin (Side Dish)
3. Cabbage Rolls (Christmas)
4. Cabbage Salad I (Salad)
5. Cabbage Salad with Lemon-Garlic Dressing (Salad)
6. Cabbage and Smoked Sausage Soup (Soup)
7. Caesar Salad Croutons (Salad)
8. Caesar Salad II (Salad)
9. Caesar Salad in Crouton Cups (Salad)
10. Cafeteria Macaroni and Cheese (Pasta)
11. Cajun Barbecued Chicken (Barbeque)
12. Cajun Crabmeat Au Gratin (Seafood)
13. Cajun Grilled Corn (Barbeque)
14. Cajun Paella (Main Dish)
15. Cajun Pork Chops (Pork)
16. Cajun Red Snapper (Seafood)
17. Cajun Seafood Pasta (Pasta)
18. Cajun Style Blackened Snapper (Seafood)
19. Cajun Style Burgers (Barbeque)
20. Cajun Style Corn Soup (Soup)
21. Cajun Sweet Dough (Pie)
22. Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls (Bread)
23. Cake Mix Cookies VII (Cookie)
24. Cake in a Jar (Cake)
25. Cakey Cheesecake (Cake)
26. Calabacitas (Vegetarian)
27. Calamari (Seafood)
28. Calamari Macaronatha (Seafood)
29. Calamari in Red Wine and Tomato Sauce (Christmas)
30. Calamari with Tomato Sauce (Pasta)
31. Caldo De Res (Beef Soup) (Soup)
32. Calico Beans (Side Dish)
33. Calico Squash Casserole (Vegetarian)
34. California Chicken Spaghetti (Chicken)
35. California Fusion Peach Salsa (Appetizer)
36. California Grilled Veggie Sandwich (Barbeque)
37. California Harvest Pizza (Main Dish)
38. California Salad Bowl (Salad)
39. California Slaw (Salad)
40. Callaloo Soup (Soup)
41. Calzone (Bread)
42. Camp Cornbread (Bread)
43. Can't be 'Beet' Raspberry Jelly (Side Dish)
44. Canadian Bacon Breakfast Stack (Pork)
45. Canadian Bacon Potato Soup (Soup)
46. Canadian Butter Tarts (Pie)
47. Canadian Style Chop Suey (Pasta)
48. Candied Apples II (Dessert)
49. Candied Carrots (Side Dish)
50. Candied Cherry Macaroons (Cookie)
51. Candied Corn (Holiday)
52. Candied Dills (Appetizer)
53. Candied Salmon (Seafood)
54. Candied Sweet Potatoes (Side Dish)
55. Candied Sweet Potatoes (Thanksgiving)
56. Candy Bar Pie I (Pie)
57. Cannellini Bean with Flat Leaf Kale (Soup)
58. Cannellini Shrimp Salad (Side Dish)
59. Cannoli Pie (Pie)
60. Cannon Balls (Appetizer)
61. Cantaloupe Berry Smoothie (Beverage)
62. Cantaloupe Bread with Praline Glaze (Bread)
63. Cantaloupe Frenzy (Beverage)
64. Cantaloupe Salad (Salad)
65. Cantonese Lean Pork Congee (Brunch)
66. Cantonese Style Lobster (Seafood)
67. Cappuccino Cooler (Beverage)
68. Cappuccino Pie (Pie)
69. Caramel Apple Cheesecake (Cake)
70. Caramel Cake with Caramel Nut Frosting (Cake)
71. Caramel Chocolate Corn (Dessert)
72. Caramel Corn Snack Mix (Christmas)
73. Caramel Nut Cake in a Jar (Cake)
74. Caramel Peanut Fudge (Dessert)
75. Caramel Raisin Cheesecake (Cake)
76. Caramel Slices (Cookie)
77. Caramel-Glazed Flan (Dessert)
78. Caramelized Apple Bites (Appetizer)
79. Caramelized French Toast (Brunch)
80. Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Orzo (Pasta)
81. Cardamom Butter Cookies (Dessert)
82. Caribbean BBQ Sauce (Barbeque)
83. Caribbean Chicken Salad (Salad)
84. Caribbean Chicken over Coconut Rice (Chicken)
85. Caribbean Holiday Shrimp (Seafood)
86. Caribbean Pasta with Shrimp (Seafood)
87. Carmel Pretzel Nut Popcorn (Dessert)
88. Carnation® Latte (Beverage)
89. Carnation® New England Clam Chowder (Soup)
90. Carne Adovada (Pork)
91. Carne Asada Marinade (Barbeque)
92. Carne Con Papas (Main Dish)
93. Carne Guisada I (Beef)
94. Carol's Chicken Salad (Salad)
95. Carole's Sesame Chicken Salad (Chicken)
96. Caroling Wine (Beverage)
97. Carrot Cake - Low Fat Version (Cake)
98. Carrot Cake Bars (Cake)
99. Carrot Cake V (Cake)
100. Carrot Cake VIII (Cake)
101. Carrot Cake XI (Cake)
102. Carrot Cheesecake with Crumb Crust (Cake)
103. Carrot Cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing (Cake)
104. Carrot Fruit Ring (Cake)
105. Carrot Fruit Ring (Christmas)
106. Carrot Gelatin Salad (Salad)
107. Carrot Muffins (Vegetarian)
108. Carrot Pecan Crunch Pie (Pie)
109. Carrot Pineapple Cake I (Cake)
110. Carrot Pineapple Salad (Salad)
111. Carrot Recipe (Dessert)
112. Carrot Salad (Thanksgiving)
113. Carrot Souffle (Christmas)
114. Carrot Soup Indienne II (Soup)
115. Carrot Spice and Walnut Pie (Pie)
116. Carrot and Fennel (Vegetarian)
117. Carrot and Ginger Soup (Soup)
118. Carrot and Walnut Cake (Cake)
119. Carroty Rice (Side Dish)
120. Casa Dressing (Salad)
121. Cashew Avocado Chicken Salad (Chicken)
122. Cashew Crusted Chicken (Chicken)
123. Cassata alla Siciliana (Sicilian Cream Tart) (Cake)
124. Cat Poop Cookies I (Cookie)
125. Catherine's Spicy Chicken Soup (Soup)
126. Cauliflower and Carrot Casserole (Side Dish)
127. Celery Smashers with Cream Gravy (Side Dish)
128. Celery Stuffing (Thanksgiving)
129. Centennial Chocolate Baked Alaska (Dessert)
130. Centennial Slaw (Salad)
131. Ceviche (Seafood)
132. Cha Cha's White Chicken Chili (Soup)
133. Chai Latte (Beverage)
134. Challah II (Bread)
135. Champagne Jelly (Side Dish)
136. Champagne Punch II (Beverage)
137. Champagne Punch III (Beverage)
138. Chantal's New York Cheesecake (Cake)
139. Charley's Slow Cooker Mexican Style Meat (Beef)
140. Charlotte alla Milanese (Dessert)
141. Charlotte's Tortellini Salad (Salad)
142. Cheapskate Stew (Soup)
143. Cheater's Enchiladas (Vegetarian)
144. Cheddar Bay Biscuits (Bread)
145. Cheddar Mushroom Pork Steaks (Pork)
146. Cheddar Sandwich Souffle (Brunch)
147. Cheddar and Macaroni Salad (Pasta)
148. Cheese Ball II (Christmas)
149. Cheese Borek (Appetizer)
150. Cheese Drop Biscuits (Bread)
151. Cheese Grits (Side Dish)
152. Cheese Herb Bread (Bread)
153. Cheese Lasagna (Pasta)
154. Cheese Log (Christmas)
155. Cheese Lover's Tuna Casserole (Pasta)
156. Cheese Pennies (Appetizer)
157. Cheese Ravioli with Three Pepper Topping (Pasta)
158. Cheese Sauce (Side Dish)
159. Cheese Spaghetti (Pasta)
160. Cheese Squares (Side Dish)
161. Cheese Squares with Jelly (Appetizer)
162. Cheese Tortellini Caesar Salad (Pasta)
163. Cheese Vegetable Soup I (Soup)
164. Cheese and Broccoli Chicken Soup (Soup)
165. Cheeseburger Macaroni (Pasta)
166. Cheeseburger Pizza (Main Dish)
167. Cheesecake Chewies (Cake)
168. Cheesecake Cupcakes (Cake)
169. Cheesy BBQ Chicken Breast Sandwich (Chicken)
170. Cheesy Baked Cauliflower (Side Dish)
171. Cheesy Baked Grits (Side Dish)
172. Cheesy Baked Salmon (Seafood)
173. Cheesy Chicken Pepper Pasta (Pasta)
174. Cheesy Chicken and Chive Sauce (Pasta)
175. Cheesy Chili Dip I (Appetizer)
176. Cheesy Corn (Christmas)
177. Cheesy Corn Casserole (Side Dish)
178. Cheesy Ham and Asparagus Bake (Brunch)
179. Cheesy Ham and Hash Brown Casserole (Brunch)
180. Cheesy Herb Bread (Appetizer)
181. Cheesy Macaroni and Cheese (Pasta)
182. Cheesy Pizza Dip (Appetizer)
183. Cheesy Polenta (Side Dish)
184. Cheesy Pork Chop Casserole (Pork)
185. Cheesy Potato Casserole (Side Dish)
186. Cheesy Potato and Corn Chowder (Soup)
187. Cheesy Quesadilla (Appetizer)
188. Cheesy Ranch New Red Potatoes (Side Dish)
189. Cheesy Ranch Potato Bake (Side Dish)
190. Cheesy Spinach Lasagna (Pasta)
191. Cheesy Spinach Pasta Pie (Pasta)
192. Cheesy Tortillas (Appetizer)
193. Cheesy Vegetable Chowder (Soup)
194. Cheesy Vegetables and Noodles (Side Dish)
195. Cheesy Zucchini Casserole II (Side Dish)
196. Chef Filip's Sourbread (Bread)
197. Cherry Almond Coffeecake (Cake)
198. Cherry Almond Tart (Pie)
199. Cherry Cheese Pie I (Pie)
200. Cherry Cheezecake (Vegetarian)
201. Cherry Chip Cake (Cake)
202. Cherry Chocolate Cobbler (Dessert)
203. Cherry Cider (Beverage)
204. Cherry Cobbler II (Pie)
205. Cherry Crisp (Pie)
206. Cherry Delight (Thanksgiving)
207. Cherry Dump Pudding (Dessert)
208. Cherry Fizz (Beverage)
209. Cherry Nut Cake II (Cake)
210. Cherry Nut Snow Cake (Cake)
211. Cherry Orange Delight (Dessert)
212. Cherry Tomato Salad (Salad)
213. Cherry Tomatoes (Appetizer)
214. Chess Pie II (Pie)
215. Chestnut Appetizers (Appetizer)
216. Chestnut Pasta (Pasta)
217. Chestnut Soup (Holiday)
218. Chestnut Stuffing (Thanksgiving)
219. Chewy Chocolate Candies (Dessert)
220. Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies (Cookie)
221. Chewy Crispy Coconut Cookies (Cookie)
222. Chewy Gooey Cookies (Cookie)
223. Chewy Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie)
224. Chi Chi Dango Mochi (Holiday)
225. Chi Tan T'ang (Egg Drop Soup) (Soup)
226. Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza With Mushrooms, Peppers, and Onions (Main Dish)
227. Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza (Main Dish)
228. Chicken A La Impress Me (Chicken)
229. Chicken Alfredo Pizza (Chicken)
230. Chicken And Artichoke Penne With A White Sauce (Pasta)
231. Chicken Annie Style (Pasta)
232. Chicken Avocado Salad (Salad)
233. Chicken Biryani (Holiday)
234. Chicken Bogg (Main Dish)
235. Chicken Bouillon Rice (Side Dish)
236. Chicken Cheese Chowder (Soup)
237. Chicken Chile Spaghetti (Pasta)
238. Chicken Chili I (Soup)
239. Chicken Cordon Bleu I (Chicken)
240. Chicken Cordon Bleu II (Chicken)
241. Chicken Corn Chowder (Soup)
242. Chicken Curried Salad (Salad)
243. Chicken Curry Croissants (Main Dish)
244. Chicken Delicious (Chicken)
245. Chicken Diane Style (Chicken)
246. Chicken Enchilada Casserole II (Chicken)
247. Chicken Enchilada Dip (Appetizer)
248. Chicken Enchilada Soup I (Soup)
249. Chicken Enchiladas II (Chicken)
250. Chicken Flautas (Chicken)
251. Chicken Florentine Casserole (Main Dish)
252. Chicken Fricassee (Chicken)
253. Chicken Frittata (Brunch)
254. Chicken Gumbo Soup (Soup)
255. Chicken Kabobs Mexicana (Barbeque)
256. Chicken Katsu (Chicken)
257. Chicken Kiev (Chicken)
258. Chicken Kiev (Christmas)
259. Chicken Lasagna I (Pasta)
260. Chicken Liver Appetizers (Chicken)
261. Chicken Livers with Bacon (Appetizer)
262. Chicken Lollipops (Chicken)
263. Chicken Marsala Florentine (Chicken)
264. Chicken Nachos (Main Dish)
265. Chicken Noodle Soup I (Soup)
266. Chicken Noodle Soup II (Soup)
267. Chicken Nuggets (Chicken)
268. Chicken Nut Puffs (Chicken)
269. Chicken Orzo Salad (Salad)
270. Chicken Papadoris (Chicken)
271. Chicken Parmigiana (Chicken)
272. Chicken Pasta - Shannon Style (Pasta)
273. Chicken Pasta I (Pasta)
274. Chicken Pecan Salad (Salad)
275. Chicken Perkelt (Chicken)
276. Chicken Pesto Pizza (Main Dish)
277. Chicken Pot Pie IV (Pie)
278. Chicken Pot Pie Soup (Soup)
279. Chicken Potato Salad (Chicken)
280. Chicken Puffs (Appetizer)
281. Chicken Roche (Chicken)
282. Chicken Salad Balsamic Sandwich (Salad)
283. Chicken Salad II (Salad)
284. Chicken Salad Sandwich Casserole (Chicken)
285. Chicken Salad Spread (Chicken)
286. Chicken Salad With Pine Nuts and Raisins (Salad)
287. Chicken Salad Wraps (Chicken)
288. Chicken Salad with Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (Salad)
289. Chicken Salad with Mango, Red Pepper and Wasabi Vinaigrette (Chicken)
290. Chicken Salad with Peaches and Walnuts (Salad)
291. Chicken Salad with Toasted Almonds (Salad)
292. Chicken Seitan (Vegetarian)
293. Chicken Shwarma (Chicken)
294. Chicken Slop (Chicken)
295. Chicken Soup Au Pistou (Soup)
296. Chicken Soup Casserole (Chicken)
297. Chicken Soup With Black Beans and Corn (Soup)
298. Chicken Soup with Adzuki Beans, Escarole, and Sweet Potato (Soup)
299. Chicken Spaghetti (Pasta)
300. Chicken Spaghetti II (Chicken)
301. Chicken Spaghetti III (Chicken)
302. Chicken Spectacular (Main Dish)
303. Chicken Spring Rolls (Appetizer)
304. Chicken Stew 'Fricot' (Soup)
305. Chicken Stew With Coconut Milk (Soup)
306. Chicken Stew with Pepper and Pineapple (Soup)
307. Chicken Stuff (Pasta)
308. Chicken Stuffed Buns (Chicken)
309. Chicken Supreme III (Chicken)
310. Chicken Surprise (Chicken)
311. Chicken Susan (Chicken)
312. Chicken Taquitos (Chicken)
313. Chicken Tarragon Pasta (Pasta)
314. Chicken Things (Chicken)
315. Chicken Tortilla Soup II (Soup)
316. Chicken Tortilla Soup V (Soup)
317. Chicken Vegetable Barley Soup (Soup)
318. Chicken With Mushrooms (Chicken)
319. Chicken Wraps (Appetizer)
320. Chicken a la Camille (Chicken)
321. Chicken a la Creme (Chicken)
322. Chicken a la Good (Chicken)
323. Chicken and Artichoke Minestrone (Soup)
324. Chicken and Bowtie Pasta with Asiago Cream Sauce (Pasta)
325. Chicken and Broccoli Braid (Appetizer)
326. Chicken and Cheese Crescents (Chicken)
327. Chicken and Dressing Casserole (Chicken)
328. Chicken and Dumplings II (Soup)
329. Chicken and Eggplant Alfredo (Main Dish)
330. Chicken and Garlic (Chicken)
331. Chicken and Garlic Stew (Chicken)
332. Chicken and Ham Casserole (Chicken)
333. Chicken and Pasta Primavera (Pasta)
334. Chicken and Potato Soup (Soup)
335. Chicken and Pumpkin Lasagna (Pasta)
336. Chicken and Red Bean Enchiladas (Chicken)
337. Chicken and Red Wine Sauce (Chicken)
338. Chicken and Rice Soup II (Soup)
339. Chicken and Rice with Meat (Main Dish)
340. Chicken and Sliders (Pasta)
341. Chicken and Spinach Ravioli (Pasta)
342. Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Bruschetta (Appetizer)
343. Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry (Main Dish)
344. Chicken in Tarragon-Cheese Sauce (Pasta)
345. Chicken or Turkey Tetrazzini (Pasta)
346. Chicken with Lime Butter (Chicken)
347. Chicken with Tomato, Orange and Rosemary Couscous (Chicken)
348. Chicken, Garlic, and Sundried Tomato Pasta (Pasta)
349. Chicken-Prosciutto Bundles (Chicken)
350. Chickeny Chickeny Rice (Side Dish)
351. Chickpea Curry (Vegetarian)
352. Chickpea Macaroni Salad (Vegetarian)
353. Chickpea Salad II (Vegetarian)
354. Chickpea Salad with Red Onion and Tomato (Salad)
355. Chickpea Soup II (Soup)
356. Chile Jam (Side Dish)
357. Chile Pasta Salad (Pasta)
358. Chile Rellenos (Vegetarian)
359. Chile Rellenos Pie (Pie)
360. Chile Rice Casserole (Side Dish)
361. Chili Casserole (Main Dish)
362. Chili Cheese Dip III (Appetizer)
363. Chili Cheese Dip V (Appetizer)
364. Chili Chicken (Barbeque)
365. Chili Chicken Stew (Soup)
366. Chili Dog Casserole I (Main Dish)
367. Chili I (Beef)
368. Chili III (Soup)
369. Chili Rellenos Casserole (Vegetarian)
370. Chili Vegetarian Style (Vegetarian)
371. Chili With Pulled Beef & Pork for a Crowd (Main Dish)
372. Chili With the Works Wraps (Beef)
373. Chilled Cantaloupe Soup (Soup)
374. Chilled Noodles with Tahini Dressing (Side Dish)
375. Chilled Russian Salad Dressing (Salad)
376. Chilled Salmon Steaks with Lemon Dill Dressing (Seafood)
377. Chilled Salmon With Summer Tomato Salsa (Seafood)
378. Chilled Strawberry Soup (Soup)
379. Chilled Tomato and Avocado Soup (Soup)
380. Chinese Barbequed Spareribs (Pork)
381. Chinese Chicken Salad (Chicken)
382. Chinese Chicken Salad I (Salad)
383. Chinese Chicken Soup (Soup)
384. Chinese Coconut Pudding (Dessert)
385. Chinese Egg Soup (Soup)
386. Chinese Ham Stew (Pork)
387. Chinese New Year Sweet Rice (Holiday)
388. Chinese Noodle Salad (Salad)
389. Chinese Peppered Green Beans (Vegetarian)
390. Chinese Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao) (Bread)
391. Chinese Spareribs (Pork)
392. Chinese Style Stuffed Mushrooms (Appetizer)
393. Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs (Appetizer)
394. Chinky's Bibingka (Bread)
395. Chipotle Peach Salsa with Cilantro (Appetizer)
396. Chipotle Roasted Chicken with Potatoes (Chicken)
397. Chocolate Angel Food Cake I (Cake)
398. Chocolate Angel Food Cake II (Cake)
399. Chocolate Banana Pie (Pie)
400. Chocolate Bar Filled Chocolate Cupcakes (Cake)
401. Chocolate Bar Pie I (Pie)
402. Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie (Pie)
403. Chocolate Brunch Waffles (Brunch)
404. Chocolate Butter-Creme Frosting (Cookie)
405. Chocolate Butterschnapps Cake (Cake)
406. Chocolate Cake Doughnuts (Cake)
407. Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake (Cake)
408. Chocolate Caramel Nut Pie (Pie)
409. Chocolate Caramel Nut Salad (Salad)
410. Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake (Cake)
411. Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake (Beverage)
412. Chocolate Cherry Pie (Pie)
413. Chocolate Cherry Upside Down Cake (Cake)
414. Chocolate Chess Pie I (Pie)
415. Chocolate Chip Apricot Cookies (Cookie)
416. Chocolate Chip Bars (Cookie)
417. Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Cookies (Cookie)
418. Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free) (Cookie)
419. Chocolate Chip Cookies III (Cookie)
420. Chocolate Chip Cookies V (Cookie)
421. Chocolate Chip Cookies VII (Cookie)
422. Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Chocolate Chips (Cookie)
423. Chocolate Chip Cookies for Special Diets (Cookie)
424. Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Muffins (Bread)
425. Chocolate Chip Krispies (Cookie)
426. Chocolate Chip Meringue Drops (Cookie)
427. Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (Cookie)
428. Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie by CRISCO® (Pie)
429. Chocolate Chip Peppermint Cookies (Cookie)
430. Chocolate Chip Pie I (Pie)
431. Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie Logs (Cookie)
432. Chocolate Chip Trifle (Dessert)
433. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake (Cake)
434. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies II (Cookie)
435. Chocolate Cookie Buttercream Frosting (Cookie)
436. Chocolate Cookie Pizza (Cookie)
437. Chocolate Covered Banana Pie (Pie)
438. Chocolate Covered Caramels (Christmas)
439. Chocolate Covered Cherries (Holiday)
440. Chocolate Cream Passover Torte (Holiday)
441. Chocolate Cream Pie II (Pie)
442. Chocolate Crepes (Holiday)
443. Chocolate Cupcakes (Cake)
444. Chocolate Custard Bread Pudding (Thanksgiving)
445. Chocolate Decadence (Dessert)
446. Chocolate Delight (Pie)
447. Chocolate Dipped Orange Biscotti (Cookie)
448. Chocolate Eclair Dessert (Dessert)
449. Chocolate Frosting I (Cookie)
450. Chocolate Fudge Pops (Holiday)
451. Chocolate Gingerbread Boys And Girls (Cookie)
452. Chocolate Icebox Cake (Cake)
453. Chocolate Layered Pie (Pie)
454. Chocolate Macaroon Cake (Cake)
455. Chocolate Malted Pie (Pie)
456. Chocolate Mint Candy Pie (Pie)
457. Chocolate Mint Dessert Brownies (Cookie)
458. Chocolate Mint Milkshake (Beverage)
459. Chocolate Mint Mousse Pie (Pie)
460. Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookie Drops (Cookie)
461. Chocolate Mousse Cake III (Cake)
462. Chocolate Mousse I (Dessert)
463. Chocolate Oatmeal Drop Cookies (Cookie)
464. Chocolate Oatmeal Hermits (Cookie)
465. Chocolate Oatmeal Pecan Pie with Flaky Yogurt Crust (Pie)
466. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie IV (Pie)
467. Chocolate Peanut Butter Wacky Cake (Cake)
468. Chocolate Pecan Pie II (Thanksgiving)
469. Chocolate Pecan Pie III (Pie)
470. Chocolate Pie I (Pie)
 471. Chocolate Pizza (Pie)
472. Chocolate Plum Pudding Cake (Cake)
473. Chocolate Praline Pie (Pie)
474. Chocolate Pretzels (Dessert)
475. Chocolate Pudding Fudge Cake (Cake)
476. Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (Cake)
477. Chocolate Revel Bars (Cookie)
478. Chocolate Rocky Road Cookies (Cookie)
479. Chocolate Shoofly Pie (Pie)
480. Chocolate Soup I (Soup)
481. Chocolate Soup II (Soup)
482. Chocolate Spice Cake (Cake)
483. Chocolate Spice Cookies (Cookie)
484. Chocolate Spider Web Cake (Cake)
485. Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake (Holiday)
486. Chocolate Supreme Pie (Pie)
487. Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes (Cake)
488. Chocolate Surprise Milkshake (Beverage)
489. Chocolate Swirl and Chip Cookies (Cookie)
490. Chocolate Swizzle Nog (Christmas)
491. Chocolate Syrup Ice Cream (Dessert)
492. Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake (Pie)
493. Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake I (Cake)
494. Chocolate Wafer Roll (Dessert)
495. Chocolate Zucchini Cake III (Cake)
496. Chocolate and Vanilla Swirled Cheesepie (Pie)
497. Chocolate-Almond Fudge (Dessert)
498. Chocolate-Cran-Oat Cookies (Cookie)
499. Chocolate-Dipped Apricots (Dessert)
500. Chocolate-Mascarpone Phyllo Triangles (Dessert)
501. Chocolate-Zucchini Cupcakes (Vegetarian)
502. Chocolate/Peanut Butter Drop Cookies (Cookie)
503. Cholay (Curried Chickpeas) (Main Dish)
504. Cholesterol King Heart Stopper 2000 (Main Dish)
505. Chorizo Breakfast Burritos (Brunch)
506. Chorizo Burger (Barbeque)
507. Chow Chow II (Side Dish)
508. Chrissy's Sweet 'n' Sour Tomato Salad (Salad)
509. Christmas Chip Dip (Christmas)
510. Christmas Creamy Egg Nog (Christmas)
511. Christmas Eve Beef Stew (Soup)
512. Christmas Eve Salad (Holiday)
513. Christmas Fruitcake (Cake)
514. Christmas Red and Green Salad (Christmas)
515. Christmas Snack Mix (Christmas)
516. Christmas Stollen (Bread)
517. Christmas Wreath Cake (Cake)
518. Chruscik (Cookie)
519. Chrusciki II (Cookie)
520. Chuck's Favorite Mac and Cheese (Pasta)
521. Chungles Pasta (Pasta)
522. Chunks of Glass (Salad)
523. Chunky Chili Cornbread (Bread)
524. Chunky Tomato Potato Soup (Soup)
525. Churros II (Cookie)
526. Chutney Chicken Salad Sandwich (Salad)
527. Chutney with Mint (Thanksgiving)
528. Ciabatta (Bread)
529. Cider Vinegar Chicken (Chicken)
530. Cilantro Cucumber Salad (Salad)
531. Cilantro French Fries (Side Dish)
532. Cilantro Tomato Corn Salad (Salad)
533. Cilantro and Lime Butter (Beef)
534. Cindy's Country Style Creole Pork Roast (Pork)
535. Cindy's Thai Hot and Sour Soup (Soup)
536. Cinnabutter (Brunch)
537. Cinnamon Bread Delight (Bread)
538. Cinnamon Bread II (Bread)
539. Cinnamon Chip Buns (Bread)
540. Cinnamon Chip Filled Crescents (Bread)
541. Cinnamon Coffee Cake II (Cake)
542. Cinnamon Croutons (Salad)
543. Cinnamon Gelatin Salad (Salad)
544. Cinnamon Honey Butter (Brunch)
545. Cinnamon Pork Loin and Potatoes (Pork)
546. Cinnamon Snack Mix (Appetizer)
547. Cinnamon Sour Cream Biscuits (Bread)
548. Cinnamon Spice Drop Cookies (Cookie)
549. Cirak (Egg Cheese Roll) (Holiday)
550. Citrus Barbecue Chicken (Chicken)
551. Citrus Broiled Alaska Salmon (Christmas)
552. Citrus Carrot Cake (Cake)
553. Citrus Peanut Slaw (Salad)
554. Citrus Scallops II (Seafood)
555. Citrus Spiced Pork Lo Mein (Pork)
556. Citrus Zest Fruit Salad (Salad)
557. Citrus-Basil Vinaigrette (Salad)
558. Citrus-Salsa Baked Beans (Side Dish)
559. Clam Chowder Tart (Pie)
560. Clam Dip (Christmas)
561. Clare's Whole Wheat Potato Bread (Bread)
562. Classic BOCA® Chili (Soup)
563. Classic Bran Muffins (Brunch)
564. Classic Butter Cookies I (Cookie)
565. Classic CRISCO® Pie Crust (Pie)
566. Classic Chicken Noodle Soup (Soup)
567. Classic Chicken and Rice Soup (Soup)
568. Classic Cuban Midnight (Medianoche) Sandwich (Main Dish)
569. Classic Fajitas (Beef)
570. Classic Garden Couscous (Chicken)
571. Classic Macaroni and Cheese (Pasta)
572. Classic Spanish Sangria (Beverage)
573. Classic Taco Salad (Salad)
574. Classic Thanksgiving Dressing With Parsley, Sage and Thyme (Thanksgiving)
575. Classic Tiramisu (Cake)
576. Classic Vichyssoise (Soup)
577. Classic Whole Wheat Bread (Bread)
578. Clay's Sherry Wine Cake (Cake)
579. Coagulated Curdle Cakes with Foam (Vegetarian)
580. Cobb Salad (Salad)
581. Cochinita Pibil (Pork)
582. Cocktail Sauce for Shrimp (Seafood)
583. Cocktail Wieners II (Appetizer)
584. Cocoa Apple Cake (Cake)
585. Cocoa Sleigh Ride (Christmas)
586. Cocoa-Banana Freeze (Dessert)
587. Coconut Carrots (Side Dish)
588. Coconut Chocolate Dream Pie (Vegetarian)
589. Coconut Chutney (Side Dish)
590. Coconut Conch Chowder (Holiday)
591. Coconut Cream Cake I (Cake)
592. Coconut Cream Pie I (Pie)
593. Coconut Cream Pie IV (Pie)
594. Coconut Cream Pie VI (Pie)
595. Coconut Cream Pie VIII (Pie)
596. Coconut Crust (Pie)
597. Coconut Curry Tofu (Vegetarian)
598. Coconut Frosting and Filling (Cake)
599. Coconut Layer Cake (Cake)
600. Coconut Marshmallow Cream Meringue Pie (Pie)
601. Coconut Oatmeal Cookies I (Cookie)
602. Coconut Oatmeal Cookies II (Cookie)
603. Coconut Sevai (Rice Noodles) (Pasta)
604. Coconut Shrimp II (Seafood)
605. Coconut Shrimp Salad With California Golden Raisin Vinaigrette (Jingha Salade) (Salad)
606. Coconut Sour Cream Cake (Cake)
607. Coconut-Apricot Truffles (Holiday)
608. Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie)
609. Coffee Date Bread (Bread)
610. Coffee Flavored Liqueur III (Beverage)
611. Coffee Gelatin Dessert (Dessert)
612. Coffee Mint Frost (Beverage)
613. Coffee Whirl (Beverage)
614. Cola Pork Chops (Pork)
615. Cola-Basted Ham (Christmas)
616. Cold Black Bean Salad (Salad)
617. Cold Cherry Soup (Soup)
618. Cold Green Bean Salad (Thanksgiving)
619. Cold Oven Pound Cake (Cake)
620. Cold Tropical Macaroni Salad (Pasta)
621. Cole Slaw (Christmas)
622. Cole Slaw Dressing (Salad)
623. Coleslaw II (Salad)
624. Coleslaw with Hot Caraway Vinaigrette (Salad)
625. Coleslaw with a Difference! (Salad)
626. Colin's Stuffing (Turkey Optional!) (Thanksgiving)
627. Colleen's Slow Cooker Jambalaya (Main Dish)
628. Colonial Brown Bread (Bread)
629. Colonial Cole Slaw (Salad)
630. Colonial Pumpkin Bars (Thanksgiving)
631. Colorado Mexican Pizza (Main Dish)
632. Colorado Mexican Rice (Vegetarian)
633. Colorful Bean Salad (Salad)
634. Colorful Beverage (Beverage)
635. Colorful Tossed Salad (Salad)
636. Colour and Spice (Vegetarian)
637. Comfy Potato Soup (Soup)
638. Company Couscous (Side Dish)
639. Company Special (Pie)
640. Company's Coming Pie (Pie)
641. Conch Fritters (Seafood)
642. Conchi's Sangria (Beverage)
643. Concord Grape Jelly (Side Dish)
644. Concord Grape Pie I (Pie)
645. Concord Grape Pie II (Pie)
646. Coney Island Sauce (Barbeque)
647. Confetti Chicken Salad (Salad)
648. Confetti Coleslaw (Salad)
649. Confetti Salad by Jean Carper (Salad)
650. Cook's Ham Steak with Classic Cherry Glaze (Barbeque)
651. Cookie Balls (Dessert)
652. Cookie Mix in a Jar I (Cookie)
653. Cookie Mix in a Jar III (Cookie)
654. Cookie Paints (Cookie)
655. Cookie Pops (Cookie)
656. Cookie Salad II (Salad)
657. Cookies and Cream (Pie)
658. Cooking Light magazine's Cherry Cheesecake (Cake)
659. Cooking Light magazine's Lazy Lasagna (Pasta)
660. Cookson Stew (Pork)
661. Cool Cucumber Molded Salad (Salad)
662. Cool Lime Cheesecake (Cake)
663. Cool Rhubarb Iced Tea (Beverage)
664. Cool and Minty Party Cake (Cake)
665. Coq au Vin alla Italiana (Chicken)
666. Cordon Bleu Chicken Rolls (Chicken)
667. Coriander & Cumin Crusted Grilled Swordfish with Avocado Relish (Barbeque)
668. Coriander and Cumin Rubbed Pork Chops (Pork)
669. Corn Casserole (Main Dish)
670. Corn Casserole II (Side Dish)
671. Corn Chowder with Sausage (Soup)
672. Corn Dip II (Appetizer)
673. Corn Fritters (Thanksgiving)
674. Corn Pudding I (Christmas)
675. Corn Pudding II (Christmas)
676. Corn Souffle (Christmas)
677. Corn Tortilla Chips (Appetizer)
678. Corn Tortillas (Holiday)
679. Corn and Cheddar Chowder (Soup)
680. Corn and Chicken Soup (Soup)
681. Corn and Potato Chowder (Soup)
682. Cornbread Dressing I (Thanksgiving)
683. Cornbread Dressing II (Thanksgiving)
684. Cornbread Salad (Thanksgiving)
685. Cornbread Salad II (Salad)
686. Cornbread Sausage Stuffing (Side Dish)
687. Cornbread Stuffing With Sausage (Side Dish)
688. Corned Beef Hash (Brunch)
689. Corned Beef Hash Cakes (Brunch)
690. Corned Beef Potato Pancakes (Brunch)
691. Cornmeal Mush (Vegetarian)
692. Cornucopia (Thanksgiving)
693. Corny Ham and Potato Scallop (Pork)
694. Corny Spaghetti (Pasta)
695. Coronation Chicken (Chicken)
696. Cottage Cheese Bread I (Bread)
697. Cottage Cheese Loaf II (Vegetarian)
698. Cottage Cheese Potatoes (Vegetarian)
699. Cottage Cheese Spinach Chicken (Chicken)
700. Cottage Cheese, Avocado, and Black Bean Salsa (Appetizer)
701. Cottage Dill Bread (Bread)
702. Country Banana Bread (Thanksgiving)
703. Country Breakfast Casserole (Brunch)
704. Country Corn Bake (Side Dish)
705. Country French Cheese (Thanksgiving)
706. Country Ham and Quick Buttermilk Biscuits (Pork)
707. Country House Bed and Breakfast Casserole (Brunch)
708. Country Manor Breakfast Tart (Brunch)
709. Country Pound Cake (Cake)
710. Country Sausage Gravy (Pork)
711. Country Soup in a Jar (Soup)
712. Couscous with Chickpeas and Carrots (Side Dish)
713. Couscous with Dried Cherries (Side Dish)
714. Cowboy Macaroni (Pasta)
715. Cowpoke Beans (Side Dish)
716. Crab 'N Shrimp Dip (Christmas)
717. Crab Cake Sauce (Seafood)
718. Crab Hash With Old Bay & Basil (Brunch)
719. Crab Pasta Salad (Pasta)
720. Crab Salad III (Salad)
721. Crab Stuffed Mushrooms (Seafood)
722. Crab Stuffed Mushrooms I (Appetizer)
723. Crab Whiskey Soup (Soup)
724. Crab and Noodle Cakes with Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise (Seafood)
725. Crab and Shrimp Delight (Seafood)
726. Crab and Snow Pea Tartlets (Seafood)
727. Crabby Orange Salad (Salad)
728. Crabby Potatoes (Side Dish)
729. Crabmeat Quiche (Brunch)
730. Cracked Wheat Bread II (Bread)
731. Cracker Pie I (Pie)
732. Cracker Pie II (Pie)
733. Cracklin' Bread I (Bread)
734. Cran-Apple Salad (Salad)
735. Cran-Raspberry Gelatin Mold (Thanksgiving)
736. Cranberry Apple Gelatin Mold (Christmas)
737. Cranberry Apple Pie II (Pie)
738. Cranberry Apple Salad (Thanksgiving)
739. Cranberry Applesauce Muffins (Brunch)
740. Cranberry Brandy Slush (Beverage)
741. Cranberry Burgundy Glaze (Pork)
742. Cranberry Cherry Pie (Christmas)
743. Cranberry Chutney I (Thanksgiving)
744. Cranberry Chutney II (Thanksgiving)
745. Cranberry Chutney III (Thanksgiving)
746. Cranberry Conserve (Christmas)
747. Cranberry Cream Pie I (Pie)
748. Cranberry Frost (Thanksgiving)
749. Cranberry Gelatin Mold (Thanksgiving)
750. Cranberry Gelatin Salad I (Thanksgiving)
751. Cranberry Glazed Pork Ribs (Pork)
752. Cranberry Grape Salad (Thanksgiving)
753. Cranberry Ice Cream Swirl Cake (Dessert)
754. Cranberry Kitchen Cookies (Cookie)
755. Cranberry Nut Bread I (Christmas)
756. Cranberry Nut Bread I (Thanksgiving)
757. Cranberry Nut Pie (Pie)
758. Cranberry Nut Stuffing (Thanksgiving)
759. Cranberry Oatmeal Drops (Cookie)
760. Cranberry Pie I (Pie)
761. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti (Cookie)
762. Cranberry Pork Chops II (Pork)
763. Cranberry Pudding (Christmas)
764. Cranberry Raspberry Sauce (Christmas)
765. Cranberry Salad I (Thanksgiving)
766. Cranberry Salad II (Christmas)
767. Cranberry Salad II (Salad)
768. Cranberry Salad III (Christmas)
769. Cranberry Salad IV (Thanksgiving)
770. Cranberry Salad V (Thanksgiving)
771. Cranberry Salad VI (Thanksgiving)
772. Cranberry Salad VII (Thanksgiving)
773. Cranberry Swirl Coffee Cake (Christmas)
774. Cranberry Swirl Coffee Cake (Thanksgiving)
775. Cranberry Upside-Down Coffee Cake (Cake)
776. Cranberry Waldorf (Thanksgiving)
777. Cranberry Walnut Bread (Christmas)
778. Cranberry Walnut Slaw (Christmas)
779. Cranberry, Sausage and Apple Stuffing (Christmas)
780. Cranberry-Black Cherry Gelatin Salad (Thanksgiving)
781. Crawfish Dressing (Thanksgiving)
782. Crawfish Thermidor (Seafood)
783. Cream Cake (Cake)
784. Cream Cheese Bread (Bread)
785. Cream Cheese Candies (Holiday)
786. Cream Cheese Crust (Pie)
787. Cream Cheese Cupcakes (Cake)
788. Cream Cheese Pound Cake II (Cake)
789. Cream Cheese and Ham Spread (Appetizer)
790. Cream Cheese, Garlic, and Chive Stuffed Chicken (Chicken)
791. Cream Corn Like No Other (Side Dish)
792. Cream Dill Sauce (Christmas)
793. Cream Filled Cupcakes (Cake)
794. Cream Of Ginger Carrot Soup (Soup)
795. Cream Of Green Chile Soup (Soup)
796. Cream Peas (Side Dish)
797. Cream Pie (Pie)
798. Cream Puff Dessert (Dessert)
799. Cream Puffs (Holiday)
800. Cream Puffs I (Dessert)
801. Cream Puffs II (Dessert)
802. Cream of Acorn Squash Soup (Soup)
803. Cream of Asparagus Soup I (Soup)
804. Cream of Asparagus Soup II (Soup)
805. Cream of Cauliflower Soup II (Soup)
806. Cream of Chicken and Potato Soup (Soup)
807. Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup (Soup)
808. Cream of Tomato Soup (Soup)
809. Creamed Broccoli and Mushroom Soup (Soup)
810. Creamed Cabbage (Side Dish)
811. Creamed Chipped Beef On Toast (Beef)
812. Creamed Spinach I (Side Dish)
813. Creamed Spinach II (Side Dish)
814. Creamed Spinach with Jalapenos (Side Dish)
815. Creamy Apple Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal (Brunch)
816. Creamy Beef and Wild Rice Soup with Lime and Cilantro (Soup)
817. Creamy Beet Salad (Vegetarian)
818. Creamy Broccoli and Rice (Thanksgiving)
819. Creamy Buttered Cucumbers (Side Dish)
820. Creamy Cajun Crawfish Stew (Main Dish)
821. Creamy Carrot With Curry Soup (Soup)
822. Creamy Celery Casserole (Side Dish)
823. Creamy Cheddar Cheese Soup (Thanksgiving)
824. Creamy Chicken Lasagna (Pasta)
825. Creamy Chicken Pasta (Pasta)
826. Creamy Chicken with Corn, Tarragon and Tomatoes (Chicken)
827. Creamy Coleslaw (Salad)
828. Creamy Corn Chowder (Vegetarian)
829. Creamy Crabby Pasta (Pasta)
830. Creamy Cranberry Salad (Thanksgiving)
831. Creamy Cucumber Brussels Sprouts (Side Dish)
832. Creamy Cucumber Dressing (Salad)
833. Creamy Curried Shrimp with Grilled Pineapple (Appetizer)
834. Creamy Family Style Rice Pudding (Christmas)
835. Creamy Fruit Salad I (Salad)
836. Creamy Fruit Salad III (Salad)
837. Creamy Garlic Escargot (Appetizer)
838. Creamy Garlic Italian Dressing (Salad)
839. Creamy Garlic Salad Dressing (Salad)
840. Creamy Homemade Chicken Stew (Soup)
841. Creamy Hot Chocolate (Beverage)
842. Creamy Hot Cocoa (Beverage)
843. Creamy Italian White Bean Soup (Soup)
844. Creamy Mexican Dip (Appetizer)
845. Creamy Pasta Primavera (Pasta)
846. Creamy Peach Pie (Pie)
847. Creamy Penne Pasta (Pasta)
848. Creamy Pesto Chicken (Chicken)
849. Creamy Pesto Dipping Sauce (For Veggies) (Appetizer)
850. Creamy Polenta with Roasted Corn and Fresh Sage (Vegetarian)
851. Creamy Pork with Sour Cream Sauce (Pork)
852. Creamy Potato Leek Soup II (Soup)
853. Creamy Potato Pork Chop Bake (Pork)
854. Creamy Potato With Rosemary Soup (Soup)
855. Creamy Potato and Leek Soup (Soup)
856. Creamy Pumpkin Pie (Pie)
857. Creamy Scallop Chowder (Seafood)
858. Creamy Shrimp and Corn Soup (Soup)
859. Creamy Slow Cooker Potato Cheese Soup (Soup)
860. Creamy Soda Freeze (Beverage)
861. Creamy Spinach Casserole (Thanksgiving)
862. Creamy Spinach Tortellini (Pasta)
863. Creamy Sweet Potato With Ginger Soup (Soup)
864. Creamy Turkey Pie (Main Dish)
865. Creamy Vegetable Medley (Side Dish)
866. Creamy Vegetable Soup (Soup)
867. Creamy White Wine Sauce (Side Dish)
868. Creepy Crawly Gelatin (Dessert)
869. Creme Brulee (Christmas)
870. Creme Brulee I (Dessert)
871. Creme Brulee II (Dessert)
872. Creme de Menthe Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie)
873. Creme de Pirouline (Dessert)
874. Creole Catfish Fillets (Seafood)
875. Creole Gumbo (Chicken)
876. Creole Macaroni and Cheese (Pasta)
877. Creole Mexican Catfish (Seafood)
878. Creole Shrimp (Seafood)
879. Crepes (Bread)
880. Crepes (Dessert)
881. Crepes with Spinach, Bacon and Mushroom Filling (Brunch)
882. Cretons (Pork)
883. Cretons de Quebec (Brunch)
884. Crisp Oatmeal Cookies (Cookie)
885. Crisp Rice Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie)
886. Crisp Tortellini Bites (Appetizer)
887. Crispix Mix® Roma Party Mix (Appetizer)
888. Crispy Barbequed Tofu Slices (Vegetarian)
889. Crispy Cereal Mix (Appetizer)
890. Crispy Chicken Dippers (Chicken)
891. Crispy Chicken with Honey Dipping Sauce (Chicken)
892. Crispy Chinese Noodles with Eggplant and Peanuts (Vegetarian)
893. Crispy Coated Cajun Fries (Side Dish)
894. Crispy Cornmeal Drop Doughnuts (Brunch)
895. Crispy Cucumbers and Tomatoes in Dill Dressing (Side Dish)
896. Crispy French Toast (Bread)
897. Crispy Fried Chicken (Chicken)
898. Crispy Walnut Maple Waffles (Brunch)
899. Crispy Zucchini or Pumpkin Blossoms (Side Dish)
900. Crunchy Chinese Slaw (Salad)
901. Crunchy Green Bean and Fish Fillet Casserole (Seafood)
902. Crunchy Oriental Salad (Salad)
903. Crustless Apple Meringue Pie (Pie)
904. Crustless Quiche (Pie)
905. Crusty Potato Bread (Bread)
906. Crusty White Bread (Bread)
907. Cry Babies II (Cookie)
908. Cuban Beans and Rice (Vegetarian)
909. Cuban Black Beans I (Vegetarian)
910. Cuban Black Beans II (Vegetarian)
911. Cuban Pork Roast II (Pork)
912. Cuban Shredded Pork (Pork)
913. Cuban Water Bread (Bread)
914. Cucumber Dip (Appetizer)
915. Cucumber Soup I (Soup)
916. Cucumber Soup II (Soup)
917. Cucumber and Dill Pasta Salad (Pasta)
918. Cucumber and Mint Salad (Salad)
919. Cumin Chips (Side Dish)
920. Cupcake Graveyard (Cake)
921. Cupcake Surprise (Cake)
922. Curried Cashew, Pear, and Grape Salad (Salad)
923. Curried Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole (Chicken)
924. Curried Corn Fritters (Vegetarian)
925. Curried Couscous (Side Dish)
926. Curried Ham Popover Pie (Pork)
927. Curried Lentils (Side Dish)
928. Curried Salmon Bake (Seafood)
929. Curried Salmon Pasta Salad (Pasta)
930. Curried Spinach Soup (Soup)
931. Curried Stew with Lamb (Main Dish)
932. Curried Vegetables (Vegetarian)
933. Curried Wild Rice Soup (Soup)
934. Curried Zucchini Soup (Soup)
935. Curry Beef Soup (Soup)
936. Curry Chicken Salad (Chicken)
937. Curry Chicken Salad (Salad)
938. Curry Pasta Salad (Pasta)
939. Curry-Coconut Shrimp (Seafood)
940. Custard Pie III (Pie)
941. Czech Christmas Hoska (Bread)
942. Czech Roast Pork (Pork)

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